22 Willow Street Waterloo, ON N2J 1V5
Telephone: 519 746 4202
Email: stjohn2@bellnet.ca

St John's
Christian Nursery School

About Us

St John's Christian Nursery School was opened in September 1985. Since then, we have maintained a high quality program where we view children as competent learners and capable of making decisions. We provide the children an opportunity to play and learn in a rich environment designed to meet each child's individual needs. The staff build meaningful relationships with the children that start from love and respect.

St. John's is a non-profit organization licensed by the Ministry of Education, and our philosophy follows the Ministry Document "How Does Learning Happen". We ensure the four foundations of Wellness, Belonging, Engagement and Expression are fostered in all our practices.

Who May Attend?

St. John's Christian Nursery School is a non-profit, public Nursery School open to any child regardless of need, race, religion or background. We also work with community agencies to ensure the needs of all the children in our school are met. Municipal childcare subsidies are available to those families that qualify through the Region of Waterloo Children's Services. You can apply online via Region of Waterloo website.

Want to be added to our wait list?

The Region of Waterloo is pleased to offer OneList, an online centralized registry and waitlist that simplifies the process of applying for early learning and child care. www.OneListWaterlooRegion.ca